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Hello, and welcome to Parrot Facts. is a website where you can find useful information about parrots in all their distinct species. Macaws, lories, parakeets, cockatoos, lovebirds and any species included in the order of the Psittaciformes.

The order of the Psittaciformes, which embraces all kinds of parrots, has three different superfamilies, which are then sub-divided in other families and subfamilies, as shown in the tree below.

Parrot Facts – Psittaciformes tree diagram – phylogeny

Parrot Facts – psittaciformes family tree phylogeny

There are three superfamilies in the order of the Psittaciformes:

  • the biggest one is the Psittacoidea, which comprises all the “true parrots”;
eclectus parrot facts - couple sexual dimorphismEclectus Parrot – Eclectus roratus – an example of a Psittacoidea


  • the Cacatuoidea, which is the family of the cockatoos;
major mitchell cockatoo parrot facts - crest upMajor Mitchell Cockatoo – Cacatua leadbeteri – an example of a Cacatuoidea


  • the Strigopoidea, the smallest of the three, only has a handful of species native to New Zealand.
kakapo parrot facts - closeupKakapo Parrot – Strigops habroptila – an example of a Strigopoidea


The divisions below these superfamilies are controversial, but it looks like a new proposal has finally normalized and made it easier to understand the relations between parrots below the three agreeable superfamilies.

At Parrot Facts you can find an easily navigable top menu. This menu has all the parrot species’ articles grouped by their families, which is the biological division below the superfamilies. Between the families and species there are also the subfamilies, tribes and genera, easily identifiable if you know the species’ scientific name. A species’ scientific name always has two words, in which the first one is the genus (plural: genera).

Here’s a video showing some of the several parrot species you will find at Parrot Facts.

As the Parrot Facts website is still growing, there may not be many different articles yet, although we aim to eventually have an article for every parrot species around, extant or extinct. For that reason, at Parrot Facts you’re welcome to comment and suggest species for us to add to our database, as one of our readers has already done at the comments’ section of the Sun Conure page.

There is also some kind of outside advertising that, while it may not be totally welcome by our readers, helps Parrot Facts pay its bills.

We will try to inform you with various elements about any parrot facts you might be seeking. You will get information about all the beautiful species included the order of the Psittaciformes, like their scientific names, natural habitats, diets, breeding patterns, relationship with humans, cages and any random facts related to every single species.


Why making a website dedicated to parrots?

Parrots are generally the most beloved type of all the thousands of birds we can find in the world. They are colorful, active, social and intelligent, among many other traits that make them so unique.

Parrot Facts is owned and maintained by an animal lover with a big tendency towards birds, and very specially parrots.

As a computer science professional, I thought I should share my passion and knowledge with those who care, so I created this website and I intend to manage it carefully, update it regularly, and keep all information as accurate as possible.

From a parrot lover to all the parrot lovers throughout the world, welcome to Parrot Facts!

11 Responses to Parrot Facts

  1. aarp says:

    Ahaa, its good conversation regarding parrots at this web site.
    I have read all that

  2. Cong says:

    Vet dep moi ban tham gia

  3. Sher Volturno says:

    I am watching someones parrot for a few days at their house. He used to be out in their bedroom and talked alot. Now they say he yells loud enough to annoy the neigbors so they put him in their walk in closet. They say he likes the light off and the door closed. I love all animals and I consider this animal neglect and have told them. When I feed and water Pumba I also sit on a chair and talk to him and he starts responding and playing with his bells. As soon as I get ready to leave, he goes on the floor of his cage in a corner and just sits. I think that is all he does all day. What can I do about it? I have suggested I take him but not sure how my cats would react.

    • Michelle Garrett says:

      We have two cats that we have had for over four years and just acquired a cockatoo a few months ago and the bird ignores them and the cats ignore her. I would love to adopt her bird! THAT IS ANIMAL ABUSE!!!!!!

  4. colin says:


  5. Irmita Castro says:

    I love this website – and I would definitely recommend this website to anyone who has or is planning to have a parrot of their own ! This website has helped me a lot with its helpful which explains what and what not to feed my Baby Double Yellow Nape Amazon Parrot “Forrest” and how to keep him healthy and happy at all times . Forrest is my Beloved Baby whom I love and care for very much and would never ever give up for anyone or anything else in this world ! Thanks Parrot Facts !!!

  6. abe says:

    dose anyone know what the weight of a normal parrots egg is

  7. RUDRANIL PAL says:

    you ar a very nice project

  8. boris says:

    wow, Alguien sabe cuál es el peso de un huevo normal es loros

  9. Michelle Garrett says:

    I looked..but did not see an article on Umbrella Cockatoos. I recently received one and would like to know as much as possible. I saw somewhere on this site that you could request an article. If you do not have one on them, would you please do one? Thanks so much! Have a great day!

  10. Mr. Hanlon says:

    I am following the progress of the Blue Macaw. I am a sixth grade teacher and my class is selecting and following the progress of endangered species from around the world. We are trying to help in some small way to ensure their survival!

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